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The Last Night...

Seri smiled as she walked along with Ritaku through the woods near her house. She could hear the roar of the waterfall they were walking to getting louder. It was her favorite place. Especially when Ritaku was there.

Ritaku sighed a bit, looking at Seri walking beside him. Hands off. Don't touch her, or you'll be sorry. The warning echoed through his head. Stupid weird man. That had been months ago. And nothing had happened yet. Ritaku squeezed Seri's hand in his. He smiled as Seri looked at him.

"Something wrong, Ritty?" she asked softly.

Ritaku shook his head. "Nope. Nothing at all, Cutie. Just thinkin," he replied.

Seri smiled, stopping as they came to the edge of the waterfall. It wasn't a very big waterfall, but it was pretty. The clear water going over the reddish rocks was almost amazing.

Ritaku sat down on the grass, then pulled Seri down into his lap, hugging her tightly.

Seri smiled, leaning back against him.

"So, Cutie, what'd we come here for?" Ritaku asked.

Seri shrugged slightly. "I love this place..." she replied.

Ritaku nodded slightly. "I can see why, I think... It's real pretty, Cutie. Really,"

Seri smiled. "I'm just checking, but do you even know my name anymore?" she asked.

"The only name I need to know for you is Cutie. It sure describes you a whole lot better than Serita. Or Nemisis, like that drunk at the park calls you,"

"He's not drunk. He just is really... Old, that's all," Seri laughed.

"Yeah, well, so am I. And you don't see me calling people strange names, do you?" Ritaku asked.

"You call me Cutie and Saru Ruko. I think those are pretty strange. And besides, you're not human, either, so it's not really fair to compare you two," Seri replied.

"You're not human, either..."

"I wasn't saying it was a bad thing, Ritty," Seri sighed.

"I know," Ritaku replied, hugging her again.

Seri sighed, moving off Ritaku's lap and sitting beside him.

Ritaku ran his hand through his black hair, his green eyes watching the waterfall. He smiled at Seri.

"Ritty, I want to ask you something... Why'd you marry me?"

Ritaku blinked, still smiling at Seri. "Why do you think, Cutie?" he asked.

Seri sighed. "I hate it when you do that..."

"I know."