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Chapter 3

Juunanagou growled as Rikta and the other, smaller person laughed.

"Really now? Well, Dr. Gero, what do you think of that?"

Juunanagou froze. "I... I killed Dr. Gero..." he whispered.

"Yes, you do seem to have disposed of my brother..."

"Brother?!" Juunanagou asked. He twitched. Dr. Gero had a brother? Damn... This cannot be good... he thought. What does he want? And how did he know who I am?

Then he remembered. "I read some of Gero's files... I know who you are, Juunanagou," Akina had said something about files. Maybe... Maybe Gero's brother had found them, too.

"I hope you didn't feel to strongly for the girl... After all, she is dead," Dr. Gero grinned.

Juunanagou glared at him. "I don't care much for the girl, but you..." he growled, "You are going to die."

Rikta laughed as Dr. Gero did, as well. It was fairly annoying to Juunanagou. (And 'fairly' was an understatement.)

Juunanagou growled. They were really pushing it, laughing at him like that. "Shut up!" he yelled finally, running at Rikta.

Rikta reached out, knocking Juunanagou away easily.

Juunanagou hit the wall of the passage way, and he groaned softly. He stood back up, glaring at Rikta.

"Well well. Most people would stay down for a bit after a hit like that. You must be special, Juunanagou," Dr. Gero grinned.

Rikta drew his hand back, preparing to punch Juunanagou. Juunanagou growled. He knew he couldn't move. His leg was hurt. As Rikta began to bring his hand forward, he growled louder.

Just before Rikta hit him, Juunanagou was knocked over, out of the way. He fell down, put was dragged back to his feet, pulled blindly down and then up out of the cave that served as the entrance to the lab. He growled, pushing whoever it was away from him hastily.

"Juu! Could you be any more rude?"

Juunanagou stared at Akina. "What? You're supposed to be dead..." he growled.

Akina smirked at him. "You'll pay for killing her," she said mockingly.

"Whatever..." Juunanagou growled, "Let's get out of here before dumb and dumber follow us."

"How're you going to get anywhere? You can't walk..." Akina said, examining Juunanagou's injured right leg.

Juunanagou growled, then forced himself up, hovering in the air. "Grab my arm," he ordered.

Akina nodded, reaching up and taking hold of his arm. He pulled her up quickly, then started to go home.