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Chapter 2

Juunanagou landed on the rubble around what he knew was the entrance of Gero's lab, or used to be the entrance of Gero's lab, anyhow, ignoring the squirming Akina in his arms.

"Put me down! I can walk, you know," Akina said.

Again Juunanagou ignored her annoyed protest, walking over to the little hole in the ground that served as the entrance to the underground lab. After a second's hesitation he jumped down into the hole, landing almost gracefully on the soft ground below.

Akina squirmed again, sighing. "Put me down," she repeated.

Juunanagou nodded, then dropped her completely.

Akina landed at his feet on her back. "Ow," she complained.

Juuanagou smirked, looking down at her. "I just did what you asked, Akina, you can't be mad at me for that,"

As Akina glared up at him, Juunanagou stepped over her, walking twords the doorway to the lab. Akina grabbed his leg, and had he been anyone else, he would've fallen. Instead, he just jerked to a stop, looking back at Akina.

Akina sighed, letting go of him, and Juunanagou smirked and kept walking. Akina stood slowly, then began to follow him. "Juunanagou, be careful... The android the computer was working on might be-"

Juunanagou turned after a moment, wondering why Akina wasn't talking. He blinked, staring.

A larger person was holding Akina, his hand clamped over her mouth. Akina was squirming, and he could hear her growling.

Juunanagou growled softly in irritation. He didn't really mind that the other man was restraining Akina from talking, he just didn't like that it'd surprised him.

"Well, well. Look what we got here. Looks like Juunanagou has joined us," the man hissed.

"Join you? Hn... Who, exactly, is us?" Juunanagou growled.

"Well, for starters, me and Rikta over there,"

Juunanagou turned around again. A smaller person was standing in the doorway of the lab, snickering.

"Sorry to have caught your girlfriend here, but we can't really let anyone else know about this..." the smaller one continued. "Rikta, break the broad's neck, will you?"

"She's not my girlfriend!" Juunanagou objected defensively. He blinked, suddenly as the full effect of what the smaller person had just ordered Rikta to do. "Break the broad's neck, will you?" He was going to kill her.

Rikta nodded, and took his hand from Akina's mouth, then slammed his hand against her neck.

Akina fell hard, not moving at all. Juunanagou couldn't even see her chest rising and falling.

What the...? he thought, his eyes widening slightly. ... He actually killed her... He killed Akina! Hn... Oh well. Probably wouldn't have done much good in a fight, anyhow.

"So, Juunanagou, now that that distraction is out of the way, let's talk about why you came here..." Rikta said.

Juunanagou was still staring at Akina. Is she really...? he wondered. Slowly he looked away, looking at Rikta. "I came here because I came to destroy this place,"

"Oh, really now? Why?" the smaller one asked.

Juunanagou blinked. He didn't see why he needed a reason, but... His eyes slid back to Akina's body. "You'll pay for killing her. You'll both die."


Chapter 3