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Chapter 1

Juunanagou panted, looking at his silent attacker. A girl. He reached up, wiping a bit of blood from the side of his mouth. "Any particular reason you are trying to kill me? Or just being stupid?" he asked, growling. No one is supposed to do this... I'm the strongest fighter in the universe. Even Son Gohan can't beat me. He thought, glaring at the girl.

The girl still didn't say anything, but dissappeared, then kicked Juunanagou hard in the stomach.

Juunanagou stumbled backwards, coughing up a bit of blood. "Damn..." he muttered. How can she be this strong? he wondered.

She grabbed his throat, forcing him to stand straight.

He gagged a bit. I... can't breathe... Not good... he thought as he struggled to breathe.

The girl seemed to be considering something, her dark eyes flashing. Her grip loosened, and then she pulled her hand away, letting Juunanagou go completely.

Juunanagou panted, looking at her. "I know how to get you to talk..." he grinned, then he grabbed her, pulling her close to him, and kissed her.

She shoved him back, wiping her mouth and glaring at him. "Bastard!" she growled.

Juunanagou smirked. "See? It got you to-"

What he was about to say next was cut off when the girl slapped him. Who does he think he is? Jerk. I can't believe he did that. she thought angrily.

Juunanagou growled irritably, reaching up and touching his cheek. It didn't hurt, really. But the sting was annoying.