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My Annoyers

My annoyer page! Whoo! ^^


Full name: Seri Marie Arlington

Age: In her 20s

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Green

Status: Married to Taim

Dislikes: Getting hurt, being cold, being too hot, spiders, being molested/raped, spiders, clowns, getting yelled at.

Likes: Being hugged, being protected, laughing, hanging out with her friends, sleeping.

Favorite people: Taim, Ares, Hotaru, Ruko

Least favorite people: Crono, Osiris, Lucifer, Raven


Full name: Lodi Galen Arlington

Age: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black/dark, dark brown.

Staus: Had a wife, but killed her

Likes: Hurting people, especially Seri, killing things, and running his business

Dislikes: Happy people

Favorite People: None

Least favorite people: Seri