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Wahaha. The Annoyer Comics!

Yup, that's right- they're back. The annoyer comics. Whooooo. ... *crickets chirp* Oh, you guys suck. >_> Stop messin' with me. You know you love them.

#1- Misery, thy messenger is Damien

Muahaha. Okay. Here's the deal: I will not use anyone's annoyers in a comic unless given permission, I promise. I may -talk- about them in said comic, but I won't use the character. Oh, and if any of you are artistic, guest comics: Guest comics will be welcomed and appreciated. ^^ It gives people more interest 'cause different characters and viewpoints are used, and so will amuse more people... Actually, it just saves work for yours truly, and I like that. ^^ Hahaha. ... Yeah. o_o; So. If you want to do a guest comic, make one and get it to me. Somehow, I don't care. Upload it yourself, plzthanx. I'll put it up for the week. ^^ You don't -have- to tell me in advance. If you claim a week, however, you'll get it without problem, whereas if you just send it to me, and more than one is sent, either the person who asked permission or the first one I get gets the spot for the week. I'll probably put the others down lower on the page, but it will still be on display, so whatever, right? ^^ If someone claims a week and no one else offers a guest comic, I'll do one as well, in case whoever offered doesn't get it done on time.