-- Welcome To John's Website and More--

:: 1/28/04::

Yet another snowday! How exciting... Anyway, I put up a Links page to the site, so if you'd like me to link your site to mine, please e-mail me at neojohnguy@hotmail.com, or you can instant message me on Aol Instant Messenger. My screename is neojohnguy. Also, if you want, I can make you a button for the link with a small image or logo to personalise your link. Nevertheless, check out my links section because you will get to see the webpages of my friends and wepages of random people too! :)


:: 1/25/04::

Comics link is up, check it out people! So far I only have two pages of the comic, and the story is in the beginning phase, but the drawings took me a substantial ammount of time to think of and draw, but I don't have a clue about what should happen! If anyone has any suggestions about what should happen after Keitaro starts hitting himself on page two, please e-mail me at neojohnguy@hotmail.com. I will just delete any mail I recieve with attatchments, so if you have images to show me, please upload them onto domaindlx.com or 1aphost.com or angelfire.com and link them to me. Thanks for the help.


:: 1/24/04::

Finally my two links work. The "Home" link and the "Chat" link are up, and I finally found the long lost Html7 code for a chat that I knew oh so long ago. Anyway, now you people can chat with me and other people! Is that cool or what? OK well now I will probably try to configure the chat and stuff and maybe put a "Links" link on the navigation bar. Peace.


:: 1/17/04::

I am currently working on the links on the navigation bar! The website is starting to actually look pretty good. I have to do the entire site by HTML code because I do not have a web site creating program, but I like how it's coming along so far, don't you all? Anyway, soon I will have a page where it actually shows my art and maybe some music. I will also try to put up a links page where you can see my friends' websites. Well, now I am going to work on the site and stuff. I'll post later to update the three people who have visited this site so far :P


:: 1/15/04::

Today was a snow day. Sweet. I had to study all day from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but whatever. Anyway, I have started to update this website, and I am getting things to work. Fitting pieces of a page together can become tedious work! Anyway, I hope to soon have more things working. I am currently trying to figure out how I will do my navigation bar! In the mean time, bear with me. I have limited daily time to work on www.johnsart.2ya.com, and things will move slowly, but steadily. I'll check in later, people. Have fun!


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