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J'Hunn Mehoyen

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Born in an ancient Talven City (Name unknown), he is bestowed with many Talven objects, such as his blade. While giving birth to his younger sister, Elle, his mother died. Not shortly after, at the age of five, he watched his father, Tal'cu, die of a heart attack. From there on in, it was only him and his one year old sister. At the age of 7, two years after his father's death, his home was invaded by No'shova, translated to "Evil outsiders." These no'shova destroyed and burned everything. Luckily, J'hunn and Elle managed to escape. Being only 3 years old, this image was burned into Elle's memory. On thier way out of the village, J'hunn tripped upon a book. At the time, he couldn't read. But, in time, he learned the name of this book was Talven History. As the years past, J'Hunn built a small home just outside a village in a forest. When the home was complete, he was 14 years old. For the following five years he trained himself in the ways of using the Talven Blade he had. Also, he took this time to self-educate himself then also teach Elle. When he was 19 he devoted his entire life to archeology, bent madly on finding that Talven village he was born in. A year has past since then...

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