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These are the Rules for this RPG! SO FOLLOW THEM! Thank You!

001 - Do not annoy any of the staff!
002 - Do not be a sore looser!
003 - Do not be a sore winner!
004 - Do not cheat!
005 - Do not annoy any members!
006 - Do not spam on message board!
007 - Do not mess up my site!
008 - Do not steal experience!
009 - Do not summon more than one thing at a time!
010 - Do not be boring when you battle!
011 - Do not be boring when writing a quest!
012 - Do not do anything when you are dead!
013 - Do not do anything stupid!
014 - Do not steal money!
015 - Do not run!
016 - Do not have a bad time on this site!
017 - Do not be a bad sport!
019 - Do not make up lies!
020 - Do not change classes!(Only get ONE TIME to change your Class and thats all besides restarting)
021 - Do not bother the staff on asking to be Staff!
022 - Do not have more than 4 battles a day
023 - Do not use a move more than one time in a row!
024 - 998 I have not made up yet!
999 - Do not break any of these rules!

Rule 001 means if you want to be updated post on Message Board!

For punishment in breaking any of these rules there will be a 1,000 Experience Reduction, plus a 1,000 - 50,000 fine from your character depending what the rule is! If its Spaming on Message Board you will get a reduction in the amount of post you posted on the subject you spammed in!

Battle Rules

001 - Normal Punches/Kicks Dmg = 1/2 of Strenght.
002 - Toughness = -10% for all moves and physical moves when is hitted at enemy.
003 - Countering attacks with ki blasts only if have higher Ki. Does not count as one turn. ONLY if use a ability does count as a turn.
004 - Countering with hands need to have higher Ki and Accuracy than the opponent. Twice a fight can do it.
005 - Speed = Highest speed goes first and higher speed may dodge, but the lowest may not.

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