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Saiyans are a very powerfull race that gain experience even when they loose so instead of gaining 1,000 Exp when loosing they get 1,500.


Youkai are demons, They mostly live in Makai but some live on Nagenkai [Earth] or in Rei Kai [The Spirit World]..


Nameks are a peace loveing people, They have the ability to bend and grow to many times thier own size.


Androids are machines in the shape of whatever the builder made them to be, they usually take the form of humans, they get a strength boost of the regular 1,000 to 2,000.


Humans are a race that havent been around for very long compared to other races, They are evenly matched in brains and strength though some of them seem to misjudge things alot of the time and therefore lose or die.


Orcs are abominations. Once long ago the Dark Lord took some elves and tortured, mutated and maimed them to the brink of insanity and most of the time death. The results are these new and fierce beings known as Orcs, They have a very high endurence but most cannot live in sunlight.


Elves are a lordly race, They often wrongly refer to themselves as the Elder Race [Dragons are much older]. They are gifted with magic and can put certain virutues into weapons and armor and the such. They are also very intune with nature, They can talk to trees and flowers and even sometimes the wind. They created the Ents, wich are basicly Trees come to life.


Spirits are the spiritual remains of someone when they die, They usualy go on to the Gate of Judgement but sometimes they linger around the liveing realm as ghosts.


Espers are beings that are superior to even the elves. They are a very very old race and have elemental and magical gifts. They can also pass through solid objects if they wish to. When they die, Their remains turn into Magicite with can then be wielded to summon the Esper and whoever has the Magicite controls the Esper. They where once at war with the Humans, who destroyed them and infused themselves with the Espers magical powers, Soon the Espers got sick of this and made thier own world, Espervile, and locked the gate there, Noone has enterd since.


Protoss are a race that the extinct race the Xal'Naga made, in theyr experiment in making the "Perfect" Race they did suceed with this race, but the Xal'Naga being like they were they tried advancing them a bit more, untill they made them too intelligent, which was when the Protoss realized of the Xal'Naga's existance and attacked them, the Protoss is a highly intelligent, and powerfull race.


Zerg is the second experimental race of the Xal'Naga, this time they really thought they had suceeded this time, by making 1 creature (The Overmind) to control every single Zerg, but the overmind knew that they couldn't survive on the planet they were on, so she took over the Xal'Naga's ships, and took over other planets, and the Zerg were the cause of the Xal'Naga's extinction.


Over millenia, this bird like race if creatures had made incredible technologic and scientific leaps. Traveling at well through space, they built many marvels across the universe - technological wonders of unfathonable complexity and cities unmatched in beauty. They Shared their knowledge freely with more primitive cultures and learned to respect and care for life in all its forms. Even as their society reached its technological peak, however, the chozo felt their sprirtuality wane. Their was steeped in propchecy and lore, and they foresaw the decline of the chozo conciding with the rise of evil. Horrified by the increase violence in the universe.


The Jurain, is a peace keeping race, and they seem almost imortal since they live for almost forever.


The Undead are dead but theyr alive, so its really hard to kill them since theyr already dead.


Drow's, know an Dark Elves, not to be mistakened as Night Elves, or Wood Elves, which those owuld be calssified as regular Elves, but the Dows are evil. The females dominate in the Drow race, and males being the slaves of the females. Not all Drow's are evil for there are the Good Drow's also.

Normal Creatures

Normal Creatures is more of a group of races, normal creatures are smart but not very smart, normal creatures can vary what type of race they are, and depending which one they have diferent atributes.

Mystical Creatures

Mystical Creatures, are like normal creatures, except that they are smarter, and magicall.


Dragons are mystical creatures, but noble enough to have theyr own thing here, Dragons are one of the eldest race, and there are many types of Dragons, the 2 main types of Dragons are the European, and Easter Dragons, the European being the most common, is usually big reptile, with wings that breathes fire, the Eastern Dragon, usually flys without wings. Dragons have been feared for many years, for they also a very powerfull race, for they have the ability to breathe fire, ice, or thunder, they dislike humans because they are always trying to kill them, but sometimes they befriend each other.

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