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Character Profile 4

My last Character Profile! YAY! *dances*


She was Inuyasha's first love. She was a priestess who was burdened with the task of watching over and making sure the Shikon Jewel was pure. Then she met Inuyasha and fell in love, so she devised a plan. They would make Inuyasha become a human, so he would fit in and she would be able to be a normal woman, but fate smote them. Naraku got into the mix, shape-shifted into Inuyasha and fatally wounded Kiyko. Then the real Inuyasha took the jewel, but was stopped by Kikyo, who thought he had betrayed her. So she pinned him to the God Tree and then she died, but before she did, told Kaede, her younger sister to burn the jewel along with her body. (Sorry if I got the story a little mixed up, haven't seen those episodes for a while!) But some time later, when Kagome came into the Warring States Era, she was brought back to life, and now wanders the earth, seeking to bring Inuyasha to hell with her so they can be together forever. She constantly tries to kill both of them, and oddly enough, Inuyasha DOES want to go to hell with her, but Kagome always winds up saving his butt. A very confusing love triangle.


I think her village was killed by Kouga's pack, and then they found her and killed her, too! But Sesshomaru came along and brought her back to life with his life reviving sword. Now she is his constant companion and very cute, too! (Sorry if I have this wrong too, haven't seen that episode, only ready about it. My apologies) PS, that's Jaken in the background! EW!


Inuyasha's servant demon flea. He is very helpful(like in the Thunder Bros. episode), but is very cowardly(maybe it has to do with being so small) and always flees for his life.