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Character Profile 3

Welcome to yet another character profile! Phew! It's more work that it seems!


Inuyasha's cold half brother. He makes sure it is engrained in everyone's mind that he is a full demon, plus he can turn into a giant, white dog! He has long white hair, yellow eyes, a cresent moon in the middle of his forehead, odd clothes, and a huge boa thingy. He thinks his brother is a disgrace because he is a half human, but is jealous that he got the Tetsusaiga(killing sword) and he only got the Tensusaiga(reviving sword), so he is constantly out to get it. His accomplish is Jaken, a very hideous creature who I am not going to put in my profiles, and a little girl named Rin who he saved. Sesshomaru might not be so cold after all!


Everyone hates him! He usually wears an ugly bamboon skin thing, but he actually has long black hair and dark, evil eyes. He's the cause of lots of people's pain! Many people vow to kill him, but so far have been unsucessful. He can kinda do asexual reproduction, but they don't look like him. Example: Kagura and Kanna, creepy, right? There are also shrines out there who feast upon the hate for Naraku, which means 'hell' in Japanese.


A super fast wolf demon with shards in his legs. He has clouded blue eyes and black hair in a pony tail and he wears a skirt thing. He is the leader of a wolf pack, and once he found out Kagome could sense jewel shards, he kidnapped her, but soon fell in love with her. Weird, right? Well, he and Inuyasha are rivals for her affection, but Inuyasha seems to be winning, though.