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Character Profile 2

Welcome to my second Character Profile!


Sango's trusty cat demon. She is a sandy white color with black paws with fire coming out of them and gleaming red eyes. But sometimes she is in tiny version, with no fire coming out of her paws. Everyone always seems to ride on her :)


The demon exterminator. Sango has black hair, brown eyes, and a pinkish eye shadow. She is always ready for a fight, somewhat distant, quick, smart, and kind. She wears a dress with sandals, or she will wear her jet black exterminator outfit with red or pink caps with a sash around her waist, then her hair is tied into a ponytail. I feel bad for her since all of her family was killed, even her little brother! :'(


Eveyone's favorite monk. He has dark black hair tied into a tiny ponytail and purple eyes. He always carries a staff and has a purple dress thing(sorry guys, don't know what it's called) He is smart, perverted, funny, and nice. Miroku always seems to liven everything up, getting whacked and what not. When he was 12, his dad was killed :(