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Inuyasha Character Profile 1

Welcome to the first Character Profiles!


Inuyasha is a hanyou(half demon) with a human mother and a youkai(demon) father. He has long silver white hair, amber eyes, and white doggy ears. He always wears his red kimono and carries his Tetsusaiga everywhere with him. Inuyasha is a complex character since he has so many layers. He is tough, over protective, aggressive, selfish, angers easily, rude, and obnixous, but can be caring, sweet, kind, gentle, responsible, and loving.


Kagome is a human(duh) with long black hair and brown eyes. She wears a sailor type school uniform with a red bow and a green miniskirt. She can be caring, loving, sweet, concerned for others, motherly, responsible, but when she's mad LOOK OUT! Kagome is also the reincarnation of Kikyo.


Everyone's favorite kitsune! He has red hair pulled into a pony tail, a human face, cute little fox feet, and a big bushy tail! He acts just a like a little kid would. Loud, smart-mouthed, cute, sweet, playful, funny. I feel bad for him, though, his parents were killed by the Thunder Brothers! Poor Shippo.