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Honjou Kamatari Realm

Honjou is.......

Honjou Realm

Honjou Pictures, oh yeah everyone elses too.
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As wierd and as gay as it may sound Honjou is a tottally hottie!! I mean he looks like girl doesn't that count? Anyway welcome to my NEW site is dedicated all to Honjou Kamatari. Sure there are some of the other characters pictures on the side but I love Honjou!!! He is a cutie!!!! I don't care if he cross-dresses I just think that he is awsome!!! I hope you like my Honjou Kamatari site!!! I am working on this page right now at 11:43 PM. That means I really show compassion for honjou. I know practilly everything about him. Before I get started I just wanted to say, I am a boy. But that doesn't matter!! Before I knew who Honjou was my favorite character was Himura Battosai but now Honjou is. Why you ask just because he is loyal , he's everything u want in a woman, but he has a penis.(the only bad thing) So s/he what ever he is he will always be my favorite character no matter what. On my website (that is still under construction) I have pictures of yes you guessed it Honjou, and practilly everyone else. After Honjou's last battle I think that he's really a good guy trying to be bad to prove his love to Shishio. I also have biographies,and more web-sites! I hope you like my web-site!!!!!