First of all, All captions will be sent to me. I will then post them in here. Anyone who wishes to vote may do so at the guild home page. I will be numbering the captions for ex: if you like caption number one go to the guild and vote for caption one. It's that simple.


This one will be random as will most other contests. First I'll come on the message board and post something like SNAG-A-Abominable Snow Ball. The first person the post the word SNAG gets that item.


Again, for this one I'll come on the message board and write something like: I SPY-something green and yellow...The first person to guess correctly what the green and yellow something might be gets that item.

I was thinking about making a new page where everyone can put their artwork. Well I mean once a week choose a piece of art or a poem that one of you has done and post them here on the webby. I will post everyone's art piece...but only in the order I recieve it.

Anyway, you guys can vote for whether or not we should post your art at the guild home page.

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