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Hamtaro and Bijou's Hamtastic Wedding

Hamtaro and Bijou's Wedding Hamtaro had finally asked Bijou to marry him!!! She said, "Oui, yes of course!!" The wedding date was set for June 1st and the Ham-Hams got busy planning a hamtastic wedding!!! Auntie Viv helped Pashimina and Sandy make a beautiful wedding gown for Bijou!!! It was a white with blue bows and lacey hearts sewn to it. They made a bouquet for Bijou with blue forget-me-nots and baby's breath. Pashmina and Sandy were the maids of honor with pink gowns and pink bouquets. Little Penelope was the flower girl. She was too shy to take off her yellow blanket so they sewed ribbons to it. She would carry a basket of sunflowers and sunflower seeds to scatter on the ground. They chose a shady spot in the park to have the ceremony. Panda constructed a tiny chapel for the happy couple to take their vows in!!! They decorated the clubhouse with ribbons and balloons for the reception. Howdy brought lots of food from the store where he lived and together they made lots of yummy treats. Sunflower seed cookies, carrot chips, dandelion tea and of course a gorgeous carrot wedding cake with tiny sculptures made by Panda of Hamtaro and Bijou on the top!!

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