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Even More Ham-Hams!

Here Are Some More Of The Ham-Ham Gang!

More of The Ham-Ham Guys!

Maxwell likes to read books and is very smart. He lives in a bookstore! Howdy lives in a convenience store, always wears an apron and sounds like a cowboy! He likes to tell jokes even though no one else thinks they are funny! Dexter lives in an eyeglass store and his fur looks like he is wearing glasses!

Jingle is the wandering Ham poet! He has no owner or home and is really part of the original gang but he likes to give them advice..often in rhymn!

The three last boys in the original Ham-Ham gang are Cappy, who as his name implies ALWAYS wears a green cap, and tries on other hats in different episodes. Cappy's owners are Kip and Sue. Panda is next and he looks like a panda bear! He lives with a carpenter and likes to build things. Last of all is Stan who is Sandy's twin brother. He looks like a tiger and lives with Noel.


The three remaining ham-hams are girls! Pashmina belongs to June and always wears a pink scarf! Her best friend is Penelope who is the baby of the group. She is very shy and always covers her face with her yellow blanket! Kylie is her owner. Last of all is Sandy, twin of Stan who loves rhythmic gymnastics and whose owner, Hillary is a rhythmic gymnastics star!