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Hamtaro Products page

One of the fun things about Hamtaro is all the cool products they are making!! Unfortunately, since it is new in the U.S. there are only a limited amount of things you can find here in stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart,Kay Bee and Toys-R-Us, and Below are some links to those places.

However I have found some other places to get really neat Hamtaro merchandise! Sometimes they come right from Japan so it takes longer to get here. I have included links to those as well!!

One of the best places to find Hamtaro merchandise is on Ebay. For those of you not familiar with Ebay, it is an auction site where you can bid on items you like. To get there go to You will need a grownup (with a credit card) to register. I have found alot of awesome Hamtaro stuff on there, which we won and now is decorating my room!!

There are some "rip offs" floating around that you have to watch out for, especially if you get things from overseas..make sure they are the real thing before you buy them. If you bid on Ebay be careful for the rip offs...some look like the real thing but they are not!! I will be including some pictures of the "fakes" for you to help you recognize them!!

Here are some pictures of some of the Hamtaro merchandise you can find!!

I am decorating my room, "Hamtaro Style", I found a cute pillow, little figures and a wonderful Hamtaro bed set from Dan River. If any of you are decorating your room Hamtaro Style if you e-mail me a picture of it I will put it on my website!



Ebay- #1 Spot For Hamtaro Merchandise!