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Lyrics For Hamtaro Songs

One of the fun things about Hamtaro are the catchy tunes on the show!! Here are the words so you can sing along! I hope to later have the music so you you can click and listen!!

Hamtaro Time

It's Hamtaro time
kushi-kushi ticky- ticky whee
when we work together its much better my best friend
we like sunflower seeds krmpkrmpkrmp! my ham hams
if she heads for trouble we wont let her hamtaro
little hamsters big adventures
Laura's gone to school let's go to our ham ham club house
we can fix their trubles just be quiet as a mouse
watch out for those cats you know they're smarter than you think
but if we work together we can make their plans sink whee
snoozer howdy penelope panda my best friends
oxnard bijou cappy maxwell my ham hams
dexter boss pashmina jingle hamtaro
little hamsters big adventures
'scuse me while i work out gotta run on my wheel!
whee hamtaro
hamtaros here to help you
hamtaros team is for you

More Hamtaro Songs Coming!!!