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Hamtaro Movies

I have finally found an English translation for information about the Hamtaro movies. The first one is called THE ADVENTURES IN HAM HAM LAND. Here is information about it: Summery. ( Rough Japonese Translation ) "In a certain place when hamsters and people talk together.. There was a seed of magic......" It's Laura's birthday. Hamtaro tries to celebrate Laura's birthday.. He tried to enjoy it. Him and his friends try to enjoy the party, but they cant. Laura's birthday. Hamtaro wants to tell Laura happy birthday. There, a strange fairy ham appeared, The Ham wanted Hamtaro to keep him company in the trip to the " ham ham land ". As for the " ham ham land " the fairy ham says it is the country of all ham's dreams. Where The hamster lived, It is paradise to all hamsters. Everyone has happy dreams. The Fairy ham says everyone is happy there. To talk to laura you need something... But what? The fairy looked at Hamtaro and taught him what it is. When " the seed of sunflower magic " is eaten, Hams can talk to humans in the same language. " I would like to speak to Laura! " In wholeheartedness, Hamtaro started searching for the seed of magic. However, Devil ham also seeks the seed of magic. Will Hamtaro Find the seed before Devil ham? Hamtaro's adventure starts... now!

Here Are Some Screen Shots From The First Hamtaro Movie!!