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Ham-Hams Words

The Ham-Hams like to speak in their own special language!! It is fun to learn and use the words with your family and friends!! You can use it as a secret language with your buddies who know Ham-Ham chat also and use it when playing the GameBoy Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite!!

ATATA- I can't believe it happened. Oh no, I have been had!

BADDA-BADDA- Sound conveying the thumping of running feet.

CAPPY-CAPPY- The runny sound made by Cappy.

CHICK-AH-CHICK-AH-CHICK-AH- The walking or running sound made by hamsters.

DABA-DABA (OR DOBO-DOBO)- The walking or running sound made by Boss.

DAPLUNK- Sound made when Boss jumps down from something.

DIGGI-DUGGI- The Sound made when the Ham-Hams dig a hole, scratch.

GROOBA!- A expression that conveys a lot of effort, putting your all into something.

HABLAH!- The word Auntie Viv uses to express frustration, like "Nuts!"

HAMGOOF- Sound used to convey disappointment.

HAMHA!- A greeting. Encompasses expressions like "good morning" or "hello". The hamsters' version of the Japanese expression "oha-!"

HAMM-HAMM- Sound used when eating; but also used when hamsters are being petted.

HEKE- Sound made when surpised or confused or when hamsters discover something. Similar to "huh?!"

HIF-HIF- Sound used when sniffing (sniff sniff).

KRUMP-KRUMP-Sound used to convey eating, like munch-munch."

KUSHI-KUSHI- Sound made when hamsters are embarrassed or shy; or whne they are cleaning/grooming themselves, or scratching their heads.

OOKYOO!(OR OOKWEE!)- Cute squeaking noise made by Penelope.