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My Episode Guide

Episode Guide For The Hamtaro T.V. Show


In the first episode, we meet 10 year old Laura Haruna who has just moved to a new neighborhood with her parents and her pet hamster named Hamtaro!! While Laura is running errands with her father she meets a girl named Kana who also has a hamster!

Unknown to them, at the same time Hamtaro is out on his own adventure and he meets another hamster named Oxnard who is shy and has lost his favorite sunflower seed!! Hamtaro helps him to look for it and they both fall in a hole where they meet another hamster named Boss!! Boss seems gruff but underneath has a heart of gold!! Boss confides in Hamtaro and Oxnard that he likes a beautiful girl hamster named Bijou but is too shy to tell her!! Hamtaro and Oxnard go with Boss to Bijou's big mansion and Hamtaro helps Boss sing a song to Bijou!! She is thrilled and tosses sunflower seeds to them!! Later we learn that Oxnard is Kana's pet!!

The Ham-Ham Club House

In the Second Episode Laura goes to her new school! She is very happy to see that her new friend Kana is in her class at school. While Laura is at school, Hamtaro and Oxnard meet up with Boss who introduces them to some other hamsters, Howdy, Dexter, Pashmina and little Penelope. They go down to Boss, house which is a mess!! They clean it up and then decided to use it as a Ham-Ham clubhouse.

Calling All Ham-Hams

In the third episode, Laura leaves for school. Pashmina brings some new friends to the clubhouse, Maxwell, Panda and Sandy. They are startled by a moving pot which turns out to Cappy, another Ham-Ham, They all go to the clubhouse and get rowdy there!! Boss gets upset and throws them out. Hamtaro is very sad to lose all his new friends because they could not see each other if the clubhouse was closed. Boss is sad too. He decides to go looking for the Ham-Hams and climbs a branch to call for them. The branch bends down...oh no, it looks like Boss might fall!! Then, Hamtaro and the other Ham-Hams see him on the branch and Hamtaro goes up to save him. They both fall and the Ham-Hams catch them on a blanket of grass!!! Boss apologizes and now they have the clubhouse back!