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~Inuyasha Hot Springs~

Inuyasha Hot Springs
Welcome to the Inuyasha Hot Springs!! I hope you like it!!!! :) NO HYPERLINKING! It takes space on my site, but u r welcome to save my stuff on your computer! ;) NEW UPDATES FOR X-MAS! What do you guys want me to more of most? I need to ^^ I will try to put up as much as I can. I have been put down for about a year because of spyware but I'm hopefully back up and running again! I have tried to get the Inuyasha movies up on the site but I have had no luck with it... I'll keep on trying for you guys though! And thanks for all the compliments!^-^
Email me at at the bottom of the page! ^.~

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I would like to thank all the webrings I've joined that may link to my site. I'm very thankful for that so this new website may be found by human beings other than me and family. :D Some of the webrings I've joined are Change The World, Feh-A Shrine To Inuyasha's Ears,Chiisana Inuyasha,Youkai Fan,Inuyasha Netring,The Claws of Blood, Inuyasha1, and the Sesshomaru Webring. Sorry for the inconveniece if I did not put your site's name on here. Please e-mail me about it. Thanks for your support!!! ;P

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