My 411

Name: Mandy Lu (no middle names)
Nicknames: Mandy Moore, Mundi, mandeee, ms. monday....cherry pie (ew, not really!)
Gender: girly girl (have you ever heard of a boy named mandy? DUH!
Torture Chamber: Henry Kelsey
Location: Canada (somewhere in canada)
Been Breathing For: 13 years
B'day: 5/2/2003
Horoscope: Tauris
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Lamb
Eye Colour: brown;looks hazel in the light

Relationship status: ToTaLly SiNgLe :)
Fave Food:anything edible! :D chips, candy, chinese food, fast FOOOD!!!! YEA!!!
Fave Book: Frindle, Harry Potter, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Nancy Drew, Lizzie McGuire, Madison Finn....yes, i noe i'm a book worm!!!!
Fave Subject:english
Fave Colour: purple
Siblings: 1

Pics of ME!

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