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*Their Names:

English Name (dub): Serena Tsukino
Japanese Name: Tsukino Usagi
Meaning of Name: "Rabbit of the Moon"
Usagi= Rabbit or Bunny!

*Sailor Mercury:
Enlish Name (dub):Amy Anderson (first/old) and Amy Mizuno (new version!)
Japanese Name: Mizuno Ami
Name Translation: "Beauty of Water"

*Sailor Mars:
Enlish Name (dub): Raye Hino
Japanese Name: Hino Rei
Name Translation: "Spirit of Fire"

*Sailor Jupiter:
Enlish Name (dub): Lita Kino
Japanese Name: Kino Makoto
Name Translation: "Wisdom of the Wood"

*Sailor Venus:
Enlish Name (dub): Mina Aino
Japanese Name: Aino Minako
Name Translation: "Beautiful Child of Love"


Styling It!

Tyra: Just like the title says...
They're wherein' kawaii outfits, which I actually like,
but none of them has a bad sense of fashion anyway!


Tyra: I like this one!

SD Sailors!

Tyra: My favorite Chibi Senchi pic!

3 of The Senchis!

Tyra: Tsukino Usagi, Hino Rei, and Kino Makoto with (stuffed?) animals! Kawaii pic! Too bad Mizuno Ami and Aino Minako are not there!

Seiya's Music Box I devote this theme to him and his voice actor!

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