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What's New!!!!!!!!!!!

Come to my site often and wonder what's new? Well your in luck because you've stummbled into my updates section! *evil laugh* You'll never get out... well ok maybe you can, but still! Anyway! Here's what's new!!


August 29,2005

I LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol ok hello people, actually if anyone see's this I'll be extreeeemly surprised. But anywhoo I'm in college now. UTPB is cool ^_^. I lost intrest in anime a long time ago, but I still LOVE harry potter.... I hated the sixth book >.< well I loved it till the end but you know. Anyway I'll update in another 2 years ^_^

October 17, 2003

I know I know!!! I haven't worked on this place in forever, but I think my site has gone to the dogs... no one comes anymore >.< Mainly because I don't have enough time! My jr. year in high school has been difficult so far. It's 4 in the morning right now! I'm so stressed I can't sleep so I decided to do something relaxing to get myself to go to sleep!! I've added an about me section!! Yay! It still needs a little work, but I'll fix it a little later when I figure out what to do >.< I sick at html! Ack! Oh well! ttfn!!

July 13, 2003

well it's been a while since I did anything to this place so I made a page dedicated to Argus Filch from Harry Potter. It's under my Non Anime section. Kewl Kewl! Well that's all for now! ttfn!

May 28, 2003

Yay! My computer is still alive!!!!! I just haven't had time to work on anything >.< Gladly school is out for me so I will have a little more time to work on my site! I've added a page dedicated to music and musicians like myself!!! ^_^ I'm a cellist if ya didn't know! the sad part about my music page is it's not working with me!!! urg! I got the pics from this one web site (I added the link to my links section) but they won't show up. urg! oh well, I'll figure it out eventually!!!! ta ta 4 now!!

April 2, 2003 Bad news >.<

Yes, I have bad news... my computer is screwwing up >.< and we don't have enough money to get a new one and my sister is a brat and won't let me on hers. I'll continue with my site until there's no possible way I can. So if you don't see any changes or updates for a long time that's what happened. If my computer does crash I'll get someone to take over my site until I can work on it again >.< just thought I would explain what is goin on in my little world.. Toodles!! ^_^

March 24, 2003

Yeah I know, I know, long time no work! But I added a chat room! One small problem, my computer won't let me in!!!! >.< But ya'll can go in and talk to eachother until I figure out how to get in. I must be sneeky about it! *looks around suspiciously* They're out to get me!!!! AHHHH!!!!! *runs away and runs into a wall falling onto the ground* I'm OK!!!!!! oooooooh pretty colors!!!! kewl! *passes out* February 27, 2003

Yay!!! I finnaly did something! Ya I know, I need to get off my lazy butt and get to work! Ya don't have to tell me! Anyway I added another anime to my anime section. I've got to do all the character bio's and stuff for all my sites >.< If you have any info or pictures email me! I love advice! And BTW GO TO MY MESSAGE BOARD AND TALK! PLEASE!!!! Ok, I've said what I want to say ^_^ Laterz!!!

February 14, 2003

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! Personaly I hate v-day but it's just cause I'm single. Anyways I haven't done much, just added Shadow Dreams to my links section. It's a kewl site about a role play that my friends are in. (Mysty and Penny). I have a very small part but I'm not on there yet but thats ok! go to her site! Ya You!!! GO!!! okies! Thank you!! Toodles! ^_^

January 31, 2003

I'm sorry I havn't been doing much but soon I'll get a break in school and I'll be able to do more. For now I've added a guestbook and message board so go by and sign it and talk to peoples!! ^_^ that's all for now ttyl! ^_^

January 25, 2003

I added my tenchi page. Theres not anything on it yet but I'm workin on it! Ya have no idea how much time it takes to make a site until you do it >.< oh well, it's fun!! ^_^

January 24, 2003

I've added my updates section!! Duh! Anyway right now I'm working on my outlaw star character bio's so those will start popping up soon. Btw if you have any pictures you'd be willing to let me put on my site that have to do with any anime, harry potter, or reboot please let me know!! Also I plan to have fan fiction sections on each page of my site so if you have any stories you want posted let me know! ^_^ I'm not particular about what type of story!!! ttfn!