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My Buddies

Well I know your just dying to know who i'm friends with, or if your my buddy what nice thinks I have to say to you (good luck ^_^)

Christian Miller

Chris.. My love. I've only just met him but he makes me happy ^_^ He always makes me laugh and laughs at me and we like to play tricks on Vincent together. All of his pictures are so small >.< but oh well.

Vincent Lockhart

Vinny!!!!!! My buddy! I met him my first day at Hogwarts and he made me feel welcome. We were instant friends, I made jokes and he laughed at them ^_^ I call him Vinny cause one of his ex-Girlsfriends hated it, but then it kinda stuck. He gave me the name Detention Queen of which I am gratefull ^_^

Bill Weasley

Bill, my replacement!!! He and Vinny have become best mates, so he's my replacement *tear* but I'm glad it's Bill cause He's da man!!!!!If anyone had to replace me I'm glad it was him. He puts up with my krazieness and deep down inside he would miss me if I died!! ^_^