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My Favorie Xanga Entires

I decided to put some of my favorie post here!!

I'm in mexico with the hufflepuffs!! It's been fun so far. I'm more or less staying in my room alot because i don't realy know anyone. I have my own room and last night I went to bed early. I woke up in the middle of the night and creeped slowly down the hall. I came to a door much larger than the rest. Slowly I opened the door (thank god it didn't creek) and peeked inside. there was a very large four poster bed with large amounts of see through fabric draping all around. I crouched down got on my knees and crawled over to the bed and pulled the fabric back slightly. Laying their fast asleep was Vincent lockhart and Samantha. i got an idea. I creeped down into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I went back to their bedroom with the bravery of a thousand Harry Potters. I jerked the fabric back and held the knife high over my head. Samantha woke up and looked up at me. Then she let out a shrill scream and jumped out of the bed yelling "Vinny-poo save me!!!" Samantha screamed and ran around the room, but vincent never woke up. I dragged samantha's body downstairs and vincent never woke up. Not even when I pulled the bloody sheets off the bed did vincent wake up. I even managed to put the newly clean sheets on the bed without waking up vincent!! I layed down beside him. I turned to face him and said "I... am Sam!!!!" he said "yes dear" and rolled over and fell back to sleep. Then I woke up.

"Phew!!!! just a dream!" I thought as i sat up in bed. then I thought "you know, vincent is not bad at all. Oh yeah! sexy!" Thirsty, I decided to go downstairs and get a glass of water. As I stepped into kitchen There was none other than Justin Finch-Fletchley wearing nothing but hot pink boxers and drinking a diet coke. This was my chance! oh yeah oh baby!!! I seductively walked over to him and said in a voice a little deeper than my natural voice "Hey baby... where have you been all my life... I need a manly man like you." He looked me over and then replied "I've been right here waiting for you." "do you like what you see?" "You know I do!" He said as he walked up to me and pinned me against the kitchen counter. He leaned down and closed his eyes about to kiss me... our lips were so close... then I woke up.

DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!! TWO GUYS ALREADY!!!!! Then I rolled over and ran my fingers through his dark slightly messy hair. Could this be real? was I realy in bed with Harry Potter?? I leaned down and kissed his scare. He opened his eyes and grined. Grabbing me around the waist he rolled me onto my back and laid on top of me. Ohhh ya!!! this was real!!!! He kissed me gently on the neck and on my collar bone, then on my cheek, and was about to kiss me on the lips... then I woke up... AGAIN!!!!!

I sat up as light came through the draperies of my window. I got up slowly and waked over to my computer.... is Samantha still alive? Did I kiss Harry... and the biggest question.... does Justin wear pink boxers?!!!!!! Is this entry a dream?...


soo.. Fontain is dead... interesting... And Justin... I want to thank you for wearing the pink boxers *tear* you are a true friend and a sexy beast! oh baby oh baby.

Oh ya... classes are hard and filch is flirting even more... and I was out in the corridors after dark last night... and He saw me.. and just let me go!! Heheheeee I guess maybe I just have to much detention with him already >.< I still have like 20 nights. At least I'm not cleaning trophies... Noooo now I've moved on to toilets! oh yay! and Filch does allow me to go to quiditch practice, my detentions are just cut short... which is part of the reason why I have so many.. plus the fact that I laughed when Vince chewed him out.... poo.


Oh yeah I LOVE this school! I've been having alot of fun with Everyone here. Sometimes I wonder about the Filch man.. maybe it was my fault he was flirting with me.. I was calling him a sexy beast. *shivers* the way he was looking at me and licking his lips... *sarcastic* oh baby oh baby! That was sexy! *shivers* but maybe being friends with him could be usefull.... hmmm interesting... I must go plot now.


Dang it! I already got detention!!! that was fast!! I don't think That short guy likes me too much! But I got to spend detention with Vincent and Filch! Heeeheeeee. Vinny is awsome to hang around and Filch is just a sexy beast (yes I said it again)!!!!It was funny... we were sitting in the trophey room and were cleaning trophies by hand(my mom used to make me do that so it was no trouble for me, but poor vince... he didn't have a clue) and Filch kept looking at me funny.. so Vince stood up and said "Why the hell are you looking at her like that! you want a piece of her! Too bad!" Filch gave him more detention and vince started swearing like a sailor!!!! I started laughing realy hard... so Filch gave me more detention too!....Dang it!!! The group that does the crime together pays together.


............HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M BACK!!!!! did you miss me? of course you did!!!! *big dramatic music* Once I was afraid! I was petrified! thinking I could ever live without you by my side! Then I tried to get on xanga and my computer decided to be a piece of crap! >.< But I was strong... I don't know how you did me wrong! but now I'm back! from outer space!... somethin somethin ... look upon your face!... ok I'm gonna stop somewhat singing now!


I don't know why my teachers hate me so much... I never do anything!!!!well... except talk... and throw paper airplanes... and put jinxes on random people. And sometimes I get ontop of the desks and start dancing.... but that was only 29 times!!!!! I've always got detention!!! Why do the teachers always pick on poor innocent me???! And then they yell at me for not doing my homework! Why don't I do my homework you may ask??? because I'm in detention!!! ack I'm confused >.<


Vinny is not happy and I am tired..... wanna know why???! OF COURSE YOU DO!!!!! here it goes!

I have a talking hat like the sorting hat! She's my best fwiend! Her name........ is Bobbette. I helped the sorting hat (His name is Edd!) and Bobbette meet secretly once... and they fell in love!! It was sooooo beautiful!!!!! *tear* so for the last month or so I have been helping them get together. I was hoping on having baby talking hats running around calling me auntie Jewls.... but no!!!! Edd HAD to break poor Bobbette's heart!!!She caught him.... with a bouler!!!!!

Last night she was crying all night... and well.. it was kinda loud. All the Hufflepuff girls woke up and started yelling at me *tear* and Vinny came into our room and started yelling something about needing beauty sleep and I told him that I couldn't get Bobbette to shut up!

So he kicked her!!! And I should have told him to watch for her mouth, because she bit him!!!!!!! (Go Bobbie!!) and She wouldn't let go! He was bouncing on one foot all over the room slinging his other foot around trying to get her off. Everyone was laughing...well... not Vince... and he couldn't hear me yelling at him to stop and stay still. Finnaly Vince was about to give up and go to bed with a hat stuck to his foot and I convinced him to sit on my bed (Oh ya!!! I got Vinny in my bed girls!!!! worship me!!!) and I bent down and talked to Bobbette and got her to let go.


I'm watching that american muggle film titanic. Stupid muggles... why didn't they fly... wait ... their muggles... never mind.

You know the string group that sits on the deck and plays... ya the bass player had the best end of the deal. If I were the bass player I would use my base as a canoe and use the other guy's cello as a paddle! lol ya laugh it's suposed to be funny.

Guy's are so complicated. We should all stay single ladies because guys are complicated. Did I say guys are complicated. Don't you just love it when you begin to like a guy abd you think he likes you... but nothing ever happens? I don't know... he probably doesn't like me at all, and that would be fine if he would just tell me that. oh well.... I shall live on.

I shall end with a little song

I like big hats and I can not lie! you other wizards can't deny when a witch walks in with an itty bitty head and a big hat in her eyes you get sprung and I can't remember the rest of the words so fellas fellas you wanna.. something something something so shake it.. shake it.. shake that big black hat! baby got hat


Hello!!!!!!!! I told yall I would be on a table soon! thanks to who ever spiked the punch!! Prof. Dumbledoor called me into his office and said he'd seen too much of that side of me, but I only have 4 detentions!!! ^_^ It was worth it! Vinny and I had a great time at the dance just messing with people.


Yes I am in australia too!.... I followed the group secretly.. they don't know I'm here!!!! I feel so evil! ahahaaaaa!!!

And I'm going on an African Safari!!! I will be hunting the rare Vinny Hunk!!! oh baby!


Well.... vinny has found me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dang it!!! He knows me too well... but at least now I dont have to sleep in the bushes ^_^ Vinny is letting me stay in my own room on the other end of the house. No one else has discovered my secret! I saw Ginny and lee leave to go rock climbing and there not back yet..... hmm... I wonder! A mystery to be solved!!!!!! What else has happened?? well... Vinny talks in his sleep... ummm... Kara hums... and well... I sleep alot on the job but you dont have to know that Well I'm off to find someone to follow... maybe they'll pick their nose or do something interesting?!


Jewls Laure Paddock, the xanga