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The Jewls Laure Paddock

What is there to know about me???

My Past: My mother was a muggle and my father a wizard. They loved eathother and my mother got pregnant, but my father's fammily wouldn't hear of them marring so my mom just up and left before she tore up the family. So I was raised in america never knowing I was a witch until I recieve a letter from Beauxbatons. So I traveled there and studied magic for five years. Then, durring the summer before my 6th year, my mother and I were in a car accident. I was unharmed but my mother lost her life. My father in the mean time had found us and he and my mother wrote love letters back and forth. When My mother died, I was sent to London England to live with him. He had attended Hogwarts and was a Puff in his day so natuarally I was trasfered to Hogwarts at the beginning of my 6th year.

Home Life: I live alone with my dad in London. We have a large apartment that I usually have to myself.But i spend a lot of time hiding out at Lockhart manor which is where I met My Christian <3. My father is an auror and right now is protecting something from you-know-who. Top secret hush hush.

At Hogwarts: I spend most of my time with Vincent, causing trouble and breaking rules. I'm always have detention and it happens it's always with Filch. Yay.

Well what else do you want to know!!!! Geeze!!!