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"One of the best anime series ever!!"

-Legato Bluesummers, The Poste

Ok, so maybe I'm (Legato) a bit biased when it comes to choosing my favorites anime series, but this one is one of the best one's I've truly seen. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me think about life. How many shows now-a-days makes you do that? Not many, let me tell you. So if you have some time on your hands and wonder what would be good to watch, I would suggest Trigun. . . . . . . Now back to the real purpose of this page, what exactly is Trigun? Ok, so maybe that isn't the real question (the real question is, what is helium made out of? if you don't get that, feel free to ask me and I'll gladly explain it), but we'll just pretend it is for entertainment purposes today. . . . .  . . . the following links might help you with your quest for Trigun knowledge. . . . . . .

This following part isn't done yet

Feel like reading up on some of the people? Well, why don't you try the Trigun Bios page!

If you're not a people person and you want to know what actually happens in these episodes, you should come and read the Episode Guide to learn what happens. We warn you now, there might be spoilers in here, so if you don't want to see them, don't read them (duh!).

Not interested in either of those? Well, here are some tidbits and links I have come across during my last year of surfing that you all might enjoy to look at.

You have now reached the end of the Trigun page. What would you like to do? Go back to the main page or somewhere else? Well, you can't really go anywhere else, so deal with it!!!