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Fruitastic Basket

    So you have stumbled upon our page. . . . We advise you to turn back now while you still can!!! And for those dumb, oops, We mean brave enough to read on, enjoy!

    This page is brought to you by. . . Nabesoft!!! And where would a website be without it's creators? (That's Legato-sama /-_\\ and Zazie the Beast) We are . . . . . uh, what's the right word for it, oh yeah, proud. . I think. . I mean we think. . .  to bring to you, Fruitastic Basket!!!

We're sure you all are wondering what this website it all about.

Well, to tell you the truth, we're not quite sure ourselves,

but we do know it will be an interesting little time here at: Fruitastic Basket. .. . . . . . .maybe, there are NO guarantees, sorry!!!

All righty. . . We do actually know what we're gonna put up on this page, we just didn't want to admit it and have you all run away before we even got started. Thus far, we have decided that these glorious pages will be filled with anime and I was thinking of adding some pages about us and our lovely friends, so stick around and wait for the madness that insues!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!

The First stop on our lovely tour will begin with Trigun, so enjoy!!

Next up will be the anime this site is kinda named after, Fruits Basket. (which has some hott guys too!! yay!!!!

Next up is Escaflowne, a series about another planet and some really HOTT guys!!!

There are no words to describe this next anime, so just follow the link. . . . Excel Saga.

And now you can all bask in the glory that is known as us. Oh yeah, there is also some of you in there, so readers BEWARE!!!! RUN AWAY!!! NO, WAIT, COME BACK!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

UPDATE: hey there, this is rose and this website has been dead for a while, me and vix just haven't had time to work on it, but hopefully that will change soon. thanks to beth, we'll soon have pictures up since she has her scanner now and the most pictures out of all us and kindly offered :), so until those get up i hope you all are having a fun summer! -Magenter