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Fruits Basket

Well, all we can really say about this anime is that you will pee your pants cuz you're laughing so hard. Ok, so maybe you won't pee your pants, but you will laugh. (That is also NOT a guarrantee, sorry!!!) If you like staring at hott guys, then this is the anime for you saying the guys are hott (and for the guys in our audience, there are some chicks in there, but we don't rate how hott they are and we can't guarrantee how hot they are so just deal with it and STOP YOUR WHINING!!!) and it gets even better (yes it is possible) cuz guess what!!! Well, guess already!!! *jeopardy music begins to play* Do you have an answer yet??? NO?!?!?! What is your problem???? It isn't that hard, geesh. They turn into the animals from the zodiac. Like this:

*awards ourselves a million dollars for the correct answer* HA HA!!! WE WIN!!!! LOSERS!!!!!!!

*clears throat* We're sorry about that last "little" outburst, but we're just a bit, uh, competitive here. Anyway, on with the object of this page. . . . . .

this part is also not done


Still intersted in those hott guys? Well, if you read the bios, you just might see some of them. What are you waiting for?!?!?!?! You gotta catch them all!!! Wait, we've all ready caught them, so they're ours!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

Ok, so now that you're done with the hott guy overdose, why don't you go on and read what this series is actually about so we don't have to explain it to you later, even though we probably will anyway. . .

Wanna find more pages with the hott guys on them? Tidbits will let you catch them all!!! (or the ones that are left, which aren't very many cuz there in our closet for later, uh, use *raises eyebrow and nods head while giving the thumbs up*)

What? You're done with the hott guys all ready? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?!? We suppose we'd better let you back to the main page so you don't riot on us or something BAD like that. . . .