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Excel Saga

This page has been brought to you by:

and Menchi Soup, enjoy!

Excel Excel and her companion Hyatt have not reported for duty yet!! How are we suppose to conquer F without them? Well, without Hyatt?? But we need our comic relief (a.k.a. Excel)!!!!! What are we to do??


ARE YOU READY FOR THE MOST WHACKED OUT ANIME EVER???? Well, if you haven't, tough, you've all ready found it!!! We would like to "invite" you to the world that is known as Excel Saga, or crazy fun time as we like to call it here. So stick around and promise not to do the Hyatt thing and go and DIE on us now. By the way, that was a command, not a request!! Scared yet? NO?!??!?! Man, you're stupi-braver, yeah, braver than we thought you would be. So sit back and enjoy the bike ride through the puddle and try not to lose you're emergency food supply!!

this part is also not done like every other page

First off in our oh-so-nice webpage designated for all that is Excel, we're happy to bring you, with a little help from our sponsers, the Excel bios, filled with the whole hearty goodness that this page deserves!!! Oh yeah, if you don't read it, the Menchi gets it!!!

The whacky world known as Excel Saga has been analyzed and compiled into a neat little story that tells you all about what is happenin' to our 2 favorite girls.

Still haven't had enough of them? Well, as per usual, the tidbits page has more stuff for your viewing pleasure!!

Alas, you have come to yet another end of a page. What do you want to do now? We can provide you with only one option, and that would be, of course, to return to our lovely main page.