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Welcome to Animesforever, an anime trading and distribution site.

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Trading Rules & Guidlelines:

    1.  No Silver CDs.

    2.  No Real Media (RM) or Windows Media Video (WMV) Files. (Unless Requested…)

    3.  No Hentais.  Please let us know if we have chosen one.

    4.  Tell us if your files are different. (For Example: 1-10 in MPEG 11-26 in AVI)

    5.  Shipping Guidelines: Both sides of the trade to be sent on same day, unless trader has no feedback:

        a.  CDs Must Be Protected (CD Sleeves)

        b.  No Media Mail

        c.  International Trades to be sent Air Mail or Equivalent

    6.  No Medium or Low Quality Anime, If we happen to choose any please let us know.

    7.  We trade 1:1 ratio, we also do 2:1 ratio for blanks cdr for anime cdr.


Distribution Rules & Guidelines:

    1.  $1 US dollar = per cd or vcd (plus shipping)

    2.  Shipping charge (priority mail):

            1-10 cds   = $3 dollars                            **Notes: the shipping cost include tracking**

            11-20 cds = $4 dollars                            **Notes: these cost are for US base only.  For

            21-30 cds = $5 dollars                             international order, please contact me first**

            31-40 cds = $6 dollars and so on...

    3.  We will ship out your order 48 hours after receiving your money.  Of course for larger order, additional

    time will be needed, we will let you know.

    4.  We accept checks (preferable business check), cash, money order, or money transfer company such as

    Western Union.


We use the money earned from CD selling for package shipping, electricity, packaging and buying blank cdrs only. We do not process orders until we receive payment. Email us for trade and distribution requests. Email addresses is listed right below. If you have questions, just email me with the SUBJECT as Anime CD questions or something like that. ^_^

If any mistakes are made in our list, please email us (addresses available right below). 



Email me^_^

This is our status section where we keep track of our trade and distribution.  It is also where you can check to see if we have receives your stuff or money or if we had send out your stuff.^_^

Name: Amy M. Lester                                                       
#cds: 15 cds
status: sent on Tuesday 10/13/03 
tracking#: 0301 0120 0008 8384 2444

Name: Oliver Kolarevski
#cds: 45 cds
status: sent on 11/04/03
tracking#: n/a

Name: K.N. (aka Kookie)                                **Notes: getting You're Under Arrest S2 & Slayers Next**
#cds: 14 cds
status: sent on 11/05/03
tracking#: n/a

Name: Nephari (ellie)                                        **Notes: getting Piano, Seraphim Call, & Brain Powered**
#cds: 14 cds
status: still talking

Name: tcvu                                                        **Notes: getting Grey Feather Alliance, Please Save My  
#cds: 13 cds                                                       Earth, & Princess Tutu**
status: still talking



1. The services that are provided on this website is strictly to back up your video CD and  DVD video, which you claim to currently own and wish to protect them from damage.
2.  We provide this as a service. We will not be held accountable for the purchasers use of our backups.
3.  If you sell your original software you agree to destroy the backup of that title.
4.  You take full responsibility for your own actions when using these backups and release us from all "liabilities that may arise - expressed - written or implied"

By complying with these regulations it allows us (the service provider) to duplicate and you (as a consumer) to receive the right to use backups.


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