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Welcome to Fool's Paradise, a Trigun fan site! The name Fool's Paradise came from my favorite song from Trigun, "Fool's Paradise." We are constantly improving and fast growing so enjoy your stay! To navigate use the words Clear, Site, Media, Writings, and Gallery above ^^ *points* See?


Poster: Kaze    Subject: HOSTED XD    Date: 7/5/03

YAYNESS!!! WE GOT HOSTED!!! Thanks so much clouded-vision.net! Soon enough we'll be moving in so get ready to see a moving sign here! XD

New: nothing >_>

Poster: Hotaru    Subject: Uh... pie?    Date: 7/3/03

I"M RIGHT HERE KAZE!!!! *points to self* *dodges flying llamas* Anyways, I got the about page for the Trigun anime up, so go check it out ^-^

New: About Anime page

Poster: Kaze    Subject: New layout ^-^    Date: 7/3/03

Alright sorry I haven't been updating much ^^; But to make up for it, I made a new layout! I hope you like it ^-^ To navigate use the words above this "blog" area. I wonder where Hotaru has been.....*flings llamas at her* @_@ Well anyways, yes I did make that crappy entrance sign, but...eh, it looked good on Adobe!!! lol *sweatdrop* I'm going to make a better one soon don't worry!

New: Layout, Soliloquies page, FAQs page, Site Info page, History page, Credits page, Affiliates page, Apply Crew page, Our Awards page

Poster: Hotaru    Subject: Uh.... VASH IS KAWAII!!    Date: 6/30/03

Hello everyone! Let's see... I got the awards for you page up (you can tell I did it since the kawaii award is so... bad, lol) And I'm getting the poems page up now, if you click on the link and it doens't work, that just means I'm being a lazy bum, lol.

New: Awards for you,Poems

Poster: Kaze    Subject: Site created!    Date: 6/30/03

The site was created today Yay!!! There isn't anything at all except for this updates page, the main page, all the link pages, but none of the links work ^^; More coming soon! If you have any Trigun related things that you would like to see here, please let me know!

Ok there are some pages now ^-^ We even have a crew member, Hotaru! Go check out the pages I made *points to the links below*

New: Bios page, Quotes page, Crew page, Link us page, Screencaps, Vash pics