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Topic: Bush Looking for Means to Prevent Gay Marriage in U.S.

Poster: Synthetic


Synthetic wrote:
god the USA is going to fall to one of them and no one will help the US.

Okay mister republican nazi, we believe you! [/sarcasm]

No really, come back when you can use the shift key nitwit.
people like you are why the world hates America. You think America is so powerfull it's not if china when to war with America they whould win the out number America by alot and Germany will soon be the leader of the EU.

Actually, people like YOU are the reason the world hates america. And if you paid attention, not that many countries hate amerca. I never said I approved of what america does, but I do approve of what it stands for.

Furthermore, you appear to have no idea what you are talking about and seem to randomly sew ideas together. I don't think you uh, how shall I say, know what the hell you are talking about.


All reasons for opposing gay marriage are religious, and thus have no place in government.

He's so [blatantly] hate-filled even he knows better! HEH.

I remember what he said about gays back in the day, wanna bet he hasn't changed?
--Synthetic (About Warmonger Bush)

Zohar Emulator wrote:
I think Bush is trying to deny his inner-self, we all know he's a moron, why can't he be gay?

Self-loathing. He wants to ban gay marriage because he's not comfortable with his own sexuality

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