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Training is easy on this site Okay, this is how it goes. If you check your member page you should have 850 (at the beggining of your joining). If you want your stats to raise you have to train. The way to train is 2 to click the write button & send it to Gokujr415 or Fartmastergb(all at

In the little area where you are allowed to write, you write in The member you are. For example if you are Hiei you would type Hiei at the top of the page, next step is to type in the attacks in the avalible spot down below. It should look like the example at the bottom of the page. You also have to use stars ** two on each side**. If you buy a demain you will have someone to fight against, and it comes back to life instantly. If you have ten lines or less you will be rewarded with 10x10 if you do 20 lines it will be 20x10 if you do 1200 lines it will be 1200 x 10. GET IT??? GOOD!!!! If you still don't understand email and he will explain it in more detail.

Another way of getting your power level higher is to challenge someone to a battle. You must exept the battle unless you are busy doing homework or u are just not free to fight. You can fight someone either in a chatroom or a im ( it really doesn't matter. Then at the top of the chatroom or im you type in power level. Then you use your attacks and type them in to do damage. (if you win the battle your power level will go up by 9,000. However if you lose you will be prohibited to fight for 2 days, and you will be sent to the deadzone.

There are a few ways you can challenge someone. The first way is you can say would you like to spar or e-spar. Spar means that you just use your normal basic attacks: kick, punch,dodge, and block.And that you would NOT die in that type of battle. And the e-spar means you are using your spirit power and you can use punch and ect. Now in e-spars if you lose you lose half of your money and you are prohibited to fight because you are in the deadzone for 2 days. This still allows you to train just not a spar or e-spar.

So basically the only way not to die is to spar but if you e-spar or challenge someone to a battle your life is on the line. So make sure that you are strong so you will be your enemy.

  • Hiei
  • 850
  • **kicks in the rocks and does a back flip**
  • **runs around the demain and kicks in the stomach**
  • **hiei does a backflip then takes his sword out then cuts the demain
  • **kicks then punches to open the rock then takes a piece of the rock and throws it at the demain**
  • **punches in the face then the knee**
  • **finishes off the demain with a stab in the head**
  • **hiei then runs into the sunset**
  • **And that will increase your power**