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days till my b/day
days till Tiffany's b/day
days till Mika and Issac's b/day
days till Ashley's b/day
days till Stephen's birthday
days till Anna's birthday
days till Reagan's birthday
days till Phillip's Birthday
days till my youth group goes 2 mexico

If you want your Birthday up here let me no. thanx








Welcome to my site. This is brand new so...yea lol...hav fun. - The song that is playing is "Old and Wise" by The Alan Parson's Project. ENJOY!!

hey ppl this is a page where i put all the quotes/sayins that happen 2 pass me by. they're arragend from most recent to least recent (top 2 bottom). u can use there 2 your pleasure if you like but if there is a person who said it plz give them credit for it. thanx.

"It's never as sweet as it seems." ~Metallica

"Love looks not with eyes, but with the mind." ~William Shakespeare

"The course of true love never did run smooth." ~William Shakespeare


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