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days till my b/day
days till Tiffany's b/day
days till Mika and Issac's b/day
days till Ashley's b/day
days till Stephen's birthday
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days till Phillip's Birthday
days till my youth group goes 2 mexico

If you want your Birthday up here let me no. thanx








Welcome to my site. - The song that is playing is "Strength to Shout" by MikesChair. This song was the "Theme Song" of Weekend of the CROSS 2004. SO ENJOY!!

Date : 8/2/2004
Time : 2:40PM
~hey ppl, Weekend of the Cross was awesome. There was this great band there and that down \/ there is one of their songs. They're called MikesChair. so you should get one of their CDs and yea. lol well i had much fun and i think you should go too. so yea.


Date : 8/2/2004
Time : 2:37PM

"Strength to Shout"
by Mike Grayson

You told my heart to get up and dance.
You told my spirit to raise its hands.
But when I'm wearly, it's not that easy
to do they things you command.

So I'm crying out. I don't have the strength to shout but i want to.
Look into this heart and find the praise that's stuggleing to break out.

You've shared my pain. You've walked in my place.
You are the giver of all good things.
But when I'm weary its not that easy to offer up all my thanks.

So I'm crying out. I don't have the strength to shout but i want to.
Look into this heart and find the praise that's struggling to break out.

I know you hear every single prayer.
This one's in fear I might not make it through the end.
My life is yours. Use it untill I'm home.

Take my heart and my soul, take my spirit Lord they're yours.
Take these hands and feet, take my praise Lord it's here.
Take all of me. Take all of me.
Take the doubt. Take the fear. Take my praise Lord it's here.

Date : 7/10/2004
Time : 6:26PM
~hey,kait u told me 2 put ya up on here so i did!!!! ur tha best ya no that?? ur such a great friend 2 hav n i wouldnt wanna miss it 4 tha world. to bad u moved away b4 3rd gr....:'( we prolly would of gon ohh well. i really hope u get better but u need 2 do w/e u need 2 to heal ya no? ive been prayin all nite 4 u n all ur friends n sarah n her family n all her friends. i luv ya!


Date : 7/7/2004
Time : 11:19PM
~hey guys tha song that ive got on rite now is dedicated 2 Sarah Williams and all who were affected by her and her death, she passed away on July 5, 2004. Please pray 4 her and her family and friends. Best wishes and prayers go 2 them. Rest in Peace Sarah.


Date : 6/26/2004
Time : 6:11PM
~hey, sry bout not postin in a while jus been busy n bored at tha same time lol kinda weird huh?? well ive had evy thing up 4 a while n yea if u havent noticed yet, soo go chek evy thing out, n ive got a new buddy lol tiffany so shes under "My Friends" so u can look at her profile from there.


Date : 5/11/2004
Time : 2:06PM
~hey, ive got me, friends, nicknames, and insiders up so chek them out, mor is on the way


Date : 5/19/2004
Time : 8:36PM
~hey, ive got tha countdowns up so yall can see whats commin up, n ive got 1 final tomo n im done!!!!!!!! yay!!!!! im happy!!! hey im in top 25,000 in KOC so yea im gettin better lol i jus need money. still havent gotten ne mor pages up so yea


Date : 5/18/2004
Time : 9:05 PM
~hey ppl! ive got some bad news, angelfire doesnt support PHP, which means absolutly nothing to yall but it does to me, so yea, im gonna hav 2 try sumthin diff or sumthin lol, well ive got som mor "other sites" up so chek them out if u want n im gonna start 2 work on tha acual profile which shouldnt take some time but a lil bit so yea jus wait lol im tryin 2 figger out a new color scheme so if ya no som elet me no on IM so i can try it out. and ive also got the gusetbook up so go there n sign it!! lol



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