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3/30/04 - the boards are up! now, we need members.
3/27/04 6:00 - All the links are up!
3/27/04 4:00 - Well, the site has just been stated!

- Contact -
Aim sn: xXreadxXxmeXx

- The story -
This is an Anime role play site that takes place in a normal town -located in japan-, with tons of different people. Anyway, -ehem- Heres the plot: A new girl has just moved to to River Bound -no, thats not a real place-. She seams quite and to herself. Your job is to get Amber to talk more often, and make her open up. Rumor has it, she was very active before she moved here. What could she be depressed about?

- Appling -
To Apply, please sent an email to with your username, age, gender, a character discription, and ranking. Also put in a sample rp that must be at least six sentences long. Thanks!!

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