Some give their lives to fighting. Others give their lives to revenge. Some just mind their own business, and go about their lives like anybody else, but are still inexplicably trapped in the horrific Twilight Zone that is Nerima, and there's just nothing they can do about it. How unfortunate...

Yurumi Yagami

Age: 9
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue

Ranma's little sister, Yurumi is a bit of an enigma, even among her own family. She seems every bit the normal girl on the outside; energetic, playful, polite, etc. However, when she's in danger or just really scared, she turns into the most powerful energy channel in the Nerima area, inadvertently shattering the Earth around her with the purple fire that is her heritage. Other than her occasional God-like displays of raw power, her skill with the Yagami flames is quite meager, often used in place of a match or candle, and she is perfectly happy with that. Yurumi shows no desire to learn to fight, and wishes to be a dancer when she gets older, though whether this is a true ambition or a childhood fantasy remains to be seen.

Hana Keitoro

Age: 16
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

A shy, naive, and hopelessly lovesick schoolgirl, Hana has a habit of drifting in and out of love with handsome young men. Many mistake her terminal shyness as low self-esteem, but in fact, Hana has quite a healthy ego and can even be a little arrogant in a classroom environment, as she usually gets top grades (a fairly simple feat with Furinkan's record for academic excellence). Simply unable to function around cute boys, Hana has failed her fair share of relationships despite her youth, and doesn't look to grow out of her lovesickness anytime soon (I mean, she's a minor character; you think I'm gonna characterize her that much?)