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Yuzurenai Negai


I have aboslutely no idea how long this page is gonna last but while it's still alive better download as much as you can hahahahaha! If you have an mp3 or rom file to request, please use the submission form on the downloads page of Radical Dreamers 2002. Haha! This is just to let you know the new url of RD 2002 which is

Other Stuff

I'd appreciate it if someone informed me by e-mailing me when this page is taken down and I mean really down not excessive bandwidth usage. Please e-mail me at
Thank you for visiting my liddle site and abusing the bandwidth with your download manager muhahahahahha!


This page was last updated on October 27, 2004 at 5:39 P.M. So There!


Groove Adventure Rave Parody
FF7: Jewel Of Destiny

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