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The Basic Story

The Dragon ball Series starts out with Goku meeting Bulma in Dragon ball. She explains to him about Dragon balls and they go on adventures looking for them and end up in confrontation with Emperor Pilaf, The Red Ribbon Army, Tien Shinhan, King Piccolo and more!

After the adventures of Dragon ball time passes and an adult Goku is seen in the first episode of Dragon ball Z The arrival of Raditz. The series takes Goku and his friends through a series of enemies including The Saiyans, Frieza, The Androids, Cell, Buu and other fiends. Throughout this stage the Saiyans in the family eventually all go Super Saiyan which is a supreme upgrade to the powers of any Saiyan.

After this there is Dragon Ball GT. The true beginning of Dragon Ball Gt can not be defined because Canada, USA and Japan start at varying points in the show. The USA starts with Pan, Trunks and Goku on planet M2 whereas in Canada the trek starts with the black star dragonballs, pilaf and a need to travel through space to save Earth eventually landing them on M2. Leading to a fight with Baby, Super 17 the Black Star Dragons and other stuff.

Dragonball AF is a series that is only in Japan and has Goku going Super Saiyan 6, Gotenks SS4 and every Saiyan upgrading more. There are many fakes out there but I can try to guarantee to you that the picture at the start is a genuine SS6 Goku.

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