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(Saturday, February, 21st 2004) I've switched the background once more ( I made this one too, so nu takin' without mah permission!), my "About Liz" page has been updated, I put all the previous Updates on their own page. I put recommendations at the bottom, they're new as of tonight, so check them out. My Livejournal has been updated several times lately, go there if you wish to learn about my daily life. More links will be added soon, Thanks for visiting, chicos and chicas.Adios mi muchas Chicas and Chicos - Liz-chan

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(Recommendations) Band- The Cranberries
Book- A Perfect Evil- Alex Kava
T.V. Show- One Tree Hill
Song- Bic Runga "Sway" from American Pie 1

(Other News) None