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Jobs & Tasks

So you need money? Well you can earn money getting a job or completing a task. Getting a job will get you more money then completing a task. Getting a job will also mean you must go to school. The longer you are at school, the better job you get. On the other hand, tasks are different. If you decide choosing a task, that means you must wait for a saga to begin. An example of a task is either helping the eternals out when they need you to do something. If Kami tells you to come to his Lookout during a battle, you must obey and complete the task he gives you if it were flying to a different planet or picking up senzu beans and handing them to the rest of the warriors. Only eternals sign tasks. This will get you very little money meaning getting a job is more worth it then waiting for an eternal.

*Note: After retiring, may get a free house.*

Schools And Jobs

Orange Grove High School
Fast Food Restraunt
Pizza Man
Car Wash Worker
Convinient Store Worker
Restraunt Waiter
Movie Ticketer
Used Car Dealership Owner