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Item Shop

Training Suits And Items
Suits: Remember training suits last an amount of time. So if you leave, itl still be counting down your time. On the other hand, training pads countdown the time only when your activly using them.

Light Weight Training Suit - 100 dallors x2 stats added! 6hrs

Medium Weight Training Suit - 150 dallors when training x2.5 what you add! Lasts 12 hrs!

Heavy Training Suit - 200 dallors when training x3 what you add! Lasts 24hrs

Space Suit: 650 $ (With this you can train in space, add x4% of your normal training. Only twice a week)

Punching Bag - Only Given by Kias you x3 the ad stats only for every 10 min of training! Lasts 5 hrs then rips! Must put /a punches and kicks bag!

Training Pads - 900 Dalloors when training x4 stats you add! Lasts 1 day! (Used By Grand Kia In

20 Pound Boxing Gloves - 100 Dallors x2 the AD you add every 10 min! Lasts 5hrs

30 Pound Boxing Gloves - 300 Dallors x3 the AD you add every 10 min! Lasts 7hrs

Power Ups
Senzu Bean - 5 dallors restores half your energy!

Senzu Bean Bag - 30 Dallors contains 6 beans Light Weight Training Suit - 100 dallors when training double what you add! Lasts 1 full day!

Potion - 200 Dallors Can only be used in a battle and if drank will give you full stats again and will raise your stats for 30 mins of training

Tree Of Might Fruit - 450 Dallors will restore all your energy in a battle and will give you an hour of training! Comes with 5 fruits!

Yenma Fruit: 200 $ (Works like a Senzu bean only it adds 20% of your current stats)

Fusion Earings - 1,500 Dallors will let you fuse and combine stats! (Look at Fusion Page) Or can be recived by the supreme kia for desprate use only!

Fusion Scroll: 1,250 $ (This item teaches you and another person Fusion Dance) Check Fusios!

Weapons And Transportation
Todem Pole - 100 Dallors Does x2 your ad damage and can only be used 1 every 5 battles (it can be dodged)

Sword - 200 Dallors Does x3 your ad damage and can only be used 1 every 3 battles

Energy Blaster - 100 Dallors will not use up ki and does x2 you weakest ki move ad! It will break after 2 turns! Can be dodged!

Z Sword - 400 Dallors x4 your ad damage and can only be used 1 every 3 battles

Capsule Corp with training faccility - 5000 dallors a good ship to travel into space with. You can train up to 5x training (5 hours of training) After you get off! (The traing faccility only works 1 time!)

Capsule Corp - 100 dallors Can get you to diffrent planets with regular traveling time!

Capsule Corp with advanced training faccility -100,000 Dallors will get you to any planet in 2 min and gives you 10x training (10 hours of training) After you get off! (The training faccility only works 1 time)

Space Pod - 350 Dallors Gets you anywhere in half the time!

Other Items
DB Radar: 150 Finds Dragonballs in half the time! Scouter: 175 dallors Good to see opponents stats when fighting. This item will break when the person reaches their first transformation. It also find dragonballs.