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How To Fuse

Fusion combines your stats with your partners but must be using the same race. We will use saiyans. Say your regular pl is 1,000,000 and your freinds regular pl is 2,500,000. You combine your pl to make 3,500,000. Say you want to transform? To reach ultimate super saiyans you must have a power level of 3,500,000. You and your partner have reached that level. You can remain regular saiyans or turn USSJ.

How To Battle

One person will control Moves, Attacks, and Ki while the other controls Dodges, Teleports, Ki Barriers and Hp. You must take turns.

Enter Chat At Same Time

You will have to different names. Example, if Goten and Trunks fuse, their character would be Gotenks. Their will be a TrunksGotenks and a GotenGotenks in the chat. So we can determine whos controling what.

Different Options

Some fusions last for less then 30 min, while other fusions last longer. It depends on what you use to fuse.