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Mystery Island Mystery

As you all know, a strange flow of occurrences has recently been happening on Mystery Island. The kiddnappings, the smolking volcano, the fire faerie gaurding the volcano...All this could only lead to one thing: A new plot. All of you have probably been trying to figure out the clues, and I am no exception. I have located every last clue released and have started piecing them together, but even I don't know all the answeres! So far, I havn't been able to figure out much, even with the many clues I have found, but maybe you may be a bit more successful! Well, I won't keep you waiting any longer. Here is what I've found so far:

If you have read the Neopets magazine, then you know that it tells you two things: To begin at the island mystic's hut, and to study the symbol on the volcano card. The symbol that it refers to is the same symbol that is on the Har codestone, which stands for "R" If you visit the mystic's hut, you see that he has gone missing, but you will also see a young Acara, named Mora, in the hut instead. It seems as though she had come to the mystic to get her fortune told and when the mystic turned over three cards, they all revealed volcanos. The mystic becomes worried. Soon after that, Mora hears a noise and hides under the bed. Meanwhile, the mystic is being kidnapped! If you click on view source, you recieve a clue. It reads:

"Looking closer you see two sets of footprints
leaving the hut.
You also find a single red feather on the floor near the door."

Eek! I am glad you arrived in time, I was so scared!!

After the volcano starts smoking, if you visit the Tambola guy's Tiki Tack, which was now gaurded by an orange kougra, or Tambola shops, you'll see that he has also gone missing. You also see that the merchandise in the Tambola shop appears to have been messed with. Not long after that, the Techo Master also goes missing. In the Techo Master's training school, you see strange burn marks on the side of the schools walls. If you view source, you recieve a clue that says:

"Looking closer, you see footprints leading to the north.
Two sets. You see nothing else."


As if there weren't already enough abductions, if you visit the Tiki Tours page, you'll notice that the tour guide has also gone missing! And if that wasn't enough, Jhuidah, the Island Faerie, has also gone missing! And that leads to a whole nother story! If you visit the Rock Pool, you will notice she is trapped inside one of the fish bowls! Now this is where the cooking pot comes in! In order to free Jhuidah, you will need to obtain the Tagobo Potion by using this recipe (which was also written on a burned note):

Green Uni Morphing Potion+Peach Jelly+Slugroot=Botago Plant

Tagobo Plant+Botago Plant=Tagobo Potion

Daddy is gone!!! *waaah*

"Help me! Help me!"

You find a partially burned note...

With the help of the Tagoba Potion, Jhuidah is returned. If you visit the Cooking Pot, you will notice that Jhuidah has yet another hint for this ongoing plot:

I have to tell you what happened, it was terrible. I was just standing at my pot, trying out a few new ingredients... in fact I was trying to make this root, Botago Root for a friend of mine. It turns out that it has magical shrinking properties.
So anyway, I hear these footsteps, and this strange language behind me... and there he was, a squat little shaman, with these red feathers in his hair. I asked him what he wanted, but I don't think he understood my language. He walked up to me, and pushed me into the pot, and, well I can only assume that I started to shrink, because when I came around I was trapped in this stupid bowl.
This shaman is behind the kidnappings, he must be. To help you on your quest I will let you in to a secret. The kidnappings are not random, I hoped they were, but now I know that there is a purpose behind them. The five of us were entrusted a long time ago as the keepers of Mystery Island. There is something horrible in the volcano, something really bad, and if it escaped it could mean doom for the whole island, and the power that we were given all those years ago has kept the volcano sealed and the evil at bay.
I fear that this shaman is trying to get us out of the way so he can release this evil on the world, and by kidnapping the keepers of the volcano he may have got a good start. You must search the island for the four remaining people and free them, the fate of the whole island lies in your hands!
I can tell you two things that will help you on your quest. Firstly, it seems that this shaman has an evil sense of humour (hence where I have spent the last 24 hours!). Secondly, he doesn't want to hurt us, he wants to hide us somewhere where we will never be found.

Ugggh, my hair!

Now we move on to the next set of clues. If you visit the Volcano, you will see a Fire Faerie gaurding the volcano. Said to have been sent by Fyora, the Faerie Queen, to watch over the entrance, she went let you take another step forward. If you view the source, you will see a message that reads:

"You notice a path through the trees."


If you follow this Path, you will find yourself inside the volcano where you will see two long, dark tunnels. You must follow a series of tunnels in the correct order in order to get through the volcano. To get through the tunnels, put your cursor over bothe tunnel paths and read the first four numbers of the long number. Refresh the page and the number that does not change is the right path to choose. The answeres are:

9234, 8911, 7134
1326, 4565, 3645
6556, 2565, 3457
3176, 8789, 3465
7842, 5678, 3454
7246, 1324, 7865

Finally, after twisting and turning every which way down those long, dark corners, you have finally reached the end! Don't get too happy though! As soon as you get there, you are once again greeted by the Fire Faerie, who orders you to go back. After all that work! Your probable thinking, there is no way I'm leaving! But then you hear her begin to chant what sounds like a spell and you get out of there quick, fast, and in a hurry!

You're not allowed in here. Get out NOW!

That is pretty much all of the official clues that have been released, though there due seem to be other factors that seem to be tied up in all of this. One of those things are the new red codestones. No one is sure where they came from, though there was a rumor that you could mix two codestones and an orange sand to obtain one, it was found not to be true.







There is also a rumor going around that a small, petpet like creature may also be part of this plot, though that has not yet been proved.

The last clue I have come across from is the parrot on the hill. Remember him from Usurper? If you refresh alot, he may also give you some clues:

"Yeah, just give me time to find the ingredients..."
"I'll come to pick it up tomorrow"
"... but what if I turn into a Uni???"
"I'm going to need some Peach Jelly!"

Those are all the clues I've found so far! I will keep you posted when I found some more! Until then, why not try piecing together some of these?