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You found the fanfiction section! Aren't you the smart one^_-

And a note to everyone: no author here owns the fandom or anything pertaining to it in their works so don't complain! That is all^_^V


Akuma's fics
Playing Invisible - PG13 Drama/Romance                   Gundam Wing
Chapter 1] 2] 3] 4]
The war is over, the parties are over, and the pilots have dispersed. But Heero is carrying precious cargo -- a child. Yaoi, Mpreg, slight Angst
Caring - NC-17                     Romance                          Dragonball Z Everything is missing in Mirai Trunks' world; every aspect of a healthy life. Who can make Trunks' life whole? Yaoi, Lemon
Healing the Pain - PG13      Romance                          Dragonball Z  Mirai Trunks comes back to check on the people of the past. Things lead places when Goku realizes all the hurt Trunks holds inside.
Yaoi, slight angst
Of Teeth, Tutu's, and Fairies - PG Humor                               Dragonball Z When Gohan lets it slip that the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist, how will he cheer up his brother and avoid the dreadful frying pan?
Humor, silliness, cross-dressing  (non-sexual)
Long Day in a Small Truck - PG13 Humor                                  Gundam Wing The G-boys, a small truck, fast food and "special sprite." Just some shamless smutt! ^_^  Parody, Humor, Yaoi and AU

Feed the authors! Authors love to hear what you think about their works so tell them! Akuma  

Vinny's fics                                               
Future Pain, Past Hope - R
Mirai arrives in the past a broken and scared man. What happened to this once proud warrior? What broke his spirit? Will eventually be a MT/Gt. Mentions of rape
Why - PG                                     Drama                                    Dragonball Z What goes through Mirai Trunks' mind when he goes back to his time and finds his mother dead at the hand of the Androids? Angst
You - PG                                      Drama                                         Dragonball Z This is the sequel to Why. Trunks is flying around looking for the Androids, after he left his mother's grave. Angst
Chichi's Death - PG                      Humor                                    Dragonball Z What happens when Gohan finally decides to follow the rules of his mother? The title says it all^_- Character death
All is Not Lost - PG
Prologue ] 1 ] 2
Another android was created with superiority over its predecessors. But two sent her to another dimension where she grew up peacefully; until the Z-senshi face an evil they cannot over come. They go searching for the lost Android for help, but will finding her do more harm to the Z-senshi than the evil? None as of yet but there will definitely be some later on
Destiny - PG-13 Action/Adventure/Drama                 Dragonball Z
A young girl who is abused and raped by her father jumps from a cliff to end her suffering only to find herself in a new world, where she must face her greatest fear as part of an age old prophecy, one that could save the world or bring to it its doom.  Incestuous rape, death, violence 

Feed the authors! Authors love to hear what you think about their works so tell them! Vinny

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